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ACLS - Placing lines?


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GIM fellow here. This varies from centre to centre. It's not uncommon for GIM to place art/central lines and is generally part of their skill set in core IM training. That being said. Different centres will have different "rules" or "practices" with regards to codes. In some places, codes are run by IM, others have ER run codes, or ICU or Anesthesia. Several places now have anesthesia show up for codes to intubate the patient and often times they will do the lines if needed but this is again centre dependent. That being said, more often then not, I've seen people just try to get a peripheral IV (usually nurse) or an IO during a code if there is no IV access and once the patient gets to the ICU, then they get the central lines etc. done by the ICU team. 

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Dont waste time.

get IO or have RN get IV and just run the code.

if RT or anesthesia nearby, they can try for art line whatever, not necessary.

Sure u can go for fem line etc but honestly in the middle of a code you want to be in control over the overall situation, not waste time doing procedures.

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