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I just got my MCAT score back and I got a 128 in cars! This was a retake from a 124 cars last year. I worked really hard to get this 128. However, my FLs were all at 130-131 range. I ran out of time on my real exam, and I believe that reflected with my drop to a 128.

Should I risk another MCAT retake for a higher CARS score or just roll with the 128? My cGPA is 3.91. Ontario In province.

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Sarcastic comments aside, OP what would be your purpose to achieve a higher CARS score? AFAIK, 128 is good for every school in Canada. Maybe a few years ago, retaking for a 129 CARS is worthwhile for a guaranteed Western interview but that is no longer the case since they dropped their MCAT requirements and are now a lot more holistic with one of the longest written component of any medical school. 

Again, not sure of your other circumstances but I can't see a score higher than 128 significantly impact your chances anywhere (except maybe McMaster, but then again you could score lower on your next try). 

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