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Dalhousie Interview Invites 2021

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Hi all! Just preparing for this week for those interested in sharing their information. Let's try and keep this topic to stats posts only.




Time Stamp: 


Casper quartile:

Geography (Maritime province/OOP):


Let me know if I am missing any information that may be important - this is my first time applying to Dal. Good luck :) 


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Result: Reject

Time Stamp: 8:54am

wGPA/cGPA: 4.0
Year: 4th

Casper quartile: top

MCAT: 518
ECs: decent, research, clubs, charity, etc. (although this isn't relevant for interview invites)
Geography (Maritime province/OOP): OOP, no strong connection, spoke of physician shortage 

Honestly just glad I can stop refreshing this page 24/7. fingers crossed for Ontario schools. Congrats to everyone who received an interview!!

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  • 2 weeks later...

I am a few weeks late but...

Result (Reject/Invite): Invite

GPA: 3.9 undergrad and msc

MCAT:  504 (Had a 501 last year)

Casper: 2nd

Geography: NB

Figure that I got an interview based on my ECs which are definitely my strength. Sure was not my Casper or MCAT.

1500 hours volunteering (500 medically related), 5000 hours working ( including 2500 as a medic, 500 as a TA/RA), two first author publications, four conferences, a major health research award, 17 scholarships, run a support group for disabled students, competitive para-sport athlete (national level), three published fiction novels and two in progress. 

I was waitlisted last year, but my application was a mess. Retook MCAT and focused on research.

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