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Fellowship in the states after residency in Canada

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If you are in a small surgical specialty, my advice is google your area of interest and look for US fellowships. If you are looking for an ACGME accredited fellowship check out https://www.nrmp.org/participating-fellowships/ for the match. For non-accredited ACGME fellowships you'll probably find it on individual websites. Sometimes, there are fellowships that are available by networking only. My advice is to use your network and ask around. 

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yeah once you get to the fellowship level things on such a smaller scale. There aren't 1000 people trying to get that subsubspeciality. Makes things more personal, and thus don't expect to the same detail easy to access information  - which is just as much about admins ensuring information is available so they aren't bugged as much as it is about helping applicants. Large well thought out websites for programs are as much about resource management as they are abut being helpful. When a handful of people apply to a particular program though per year there isn't as much point in doing all that. 

Networking is key here - fortunately the system factors that in, and with fewer people applying they are often much more welling to talk to you (they aren't getting swarmed on a regular basis ha). 


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