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2 hours ago, moistbeef said:

Hey everyone, just wanted get some second opinions on my situation and why I decided to submit an academic explanations essay regarding my MCAT scores for this upcoming cycle. 
wGPA: 3.87 cGPA: 3.83 MCAT: 506
ECs: education outreach, highschool and university tutor, research assistant, student government, sports, scholarships and research awards. I also have a lot of clinical experience since I am currently in a 2nd entry nursing program

I wrote the MCAT for the first time back 2018 during my third year of undergraduate studies and didn't do that great (498). To learn from this attempt, I decided to create a study plan designed to target areas of the exam I needed to improve upon and booked another test for August 2019, a year following my graduation. Unfortunately, once I started studying in March of 2019 my parents went through a nasty divorce. The divorce led to my father to leaving the house which left my mother and I in a dire financial crisis (both my parents are first generation immigrants and do not work well paying jobs). In order to help my mother make ends meet and avoid eviction from our house I decided to step up and work full time (50 hour weeks) while balancing my preparation for the MCAT. Upon receiving my results for the second attempt I got a 506 overall, which was an eight point improvement over my original score but unfortunately got a 123 in CARS, just one point shy from the UofT cut off. Honestly, between dealing with the logistics of the divorce, studying for the MCAT and working 10 hour shifts daily, I felt extremely stressed and stretched thin which impacted my preparation for the exam. I decided to submit the academic explanations essays because I believe these unforeseen and difficult circumstances impacted my ability to truly excel in my second attempt.

Does anyone know if UofT will consider my situation? I am able to prove all of these circumstances with documentation. It would suck to not be considered at all just because of one point and terrible 

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