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Credit "granted" grade.

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16 hours ago, Athralgia said:

reposted due to posting in wrong topic.

Hello Premed 101,

Would receiving a "credit granted" grade on a 1st year fall semester course affect any admissions to medical schools in Canada? I am taking 5 courses this semester and 6 courses the next semester so I was wondering if it would hurt my chances for application wise. Thanks.

Different schools have different policies. In the past most I am familiar with have always required that any pre-requisite courses be taken for a grade. The occasional for credit course was otherwise OK, provided you didn’t have too many through your degree. Rather than take the word of strangers on the internet though, your best bet is to check the admission policies for the schools you’re actually interested in applying to!

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On 11/25/2021 at 3:40 PM, Athralgia said:

Thanks for the response, I'll look into it. I'm still feeling lost on how to prepare for the future years as I am still in 1st year. Is there any websites or directories I should look into?

Every medical school has its own website - the best place to look is on their admissions page / faq page. Many school’s admissions teams will also answer questions via email, especially ones not answered by their website. 

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