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1 hour ago, Kr4nu said:

I have a question about the interview format, if you are willing to provide some clarification... I believe they have been doing an online MMI for the last few years. For us it's pre-recorded, i'm assuming we would just record our answer and stop the recording to move onto the next question? In this case, would you suggest introducing yourself for each question or once at the very beginning of the first question? Thanks in advance!

Hey! So each question is its own individual scenario/ situation. I would suggest just diving into answering the question as the time really does go by fast. I don’t remember exactly but before you start the questions i think there was a part where you introduced yourself so no need to re-do it for each question. Like i said the time flies.  My best advice for it would be to listen/ read the scenarios and questions carefully and just answer to the best of your ability. There really is not an obvious right or wrong answer and they are genuinely just looking at your thought process and problem solving more than anything.

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