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Same here. I don't know if I'm remembering this correctly (would love if someone could corroborate) but I remember my application status only changing to something like "Under Review" really close to the II date, something like 3-4 weeks before. My hunch is that your file doesn't change status until one of the four reviewers actually opens up YOUR app and doesn't change to "Awaiting final interview decisions" until the last review has scored your app. Essentially, your app is stuck on this screening status until someone comes to your app I think.  


Was worried about this too though lol, I've spent half my time at work refreshing UCAN!! I wouldn't expect any status changes until January though - people are heading off on winter break now. 

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What I remember is that last year, I think for most people, the status changed to “application under review’ like mid November and stayed like that for a good 1.5-2 months. For me personally, my status changed to ‘awaiting interview decision’ right after the holidays (I clearly remember checking the first week of Jan). Really not sure what the current status means but as someone else pointed out (on a different thread), it probably means reviewers are going over apps. 

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Yup still remains “Being considered”. This process for UC is a very large undertaking as their admin staff is a very small number of people. As long as our requirements for full file review have been met(eg. GPA, degree,  MCAT CARS etc) I have no doubt that the status will change. It is difficult to wait and wonder but this is my 3rd round of applications for UC and they always come through with communication in my experience. Good luck and I hope the coming weeks are as stress free as possible for everyone!

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