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McMaster Interview Invites/Regrets 2022

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**NOTE TO WAITLISTERS**: I just declined my interview as I received and accepted an offer from McGill, hoping that this gives someone else a good shot at becoming a physician! (This ain't no april fool's!)

Program: MD

Result: Invite

Timestamp: 1:01 PM Jan 14

OMSAS GPA: 3.75 ish (maybe lower, not sure how they averaged out my undergrad - 3.70 - with my independent studies - 3.9 - in sciences)

CARS: 129


Casper: 4th Quartile

Other comments: I am an older (to give you an idea, I finished my undergrad in 2006) liberal arts major who spent most of my adult life working a few careers (teacher, professional musician/songwriter, marketing director) and generally spent my time trying to understand the human condition and connecting with other people. I decided in my mid-thirties to become a physician so that I could help other people and serve my local community while challenging myself intellectually. With no science background I took the MCAT with virtually no studying, applying the very questionable strategy of just nailing the CARS section to make myself eligible for McMaster as well as U Calgary. I then had to study my arse off while working full-time to learn organic chemistry, calculus, mechanics, optics, etc. to get the basic prereqs to qualify for McGill. It has taken me several years, but I can happily say that this wild, quixotic pursuit has paid off and I'll begin med school at McGill in September. Here's to the underdogs out there! And to everyone else, too: good luck; you are all undoubtedly great people (if you don't believe that, try to think more about it). Above all, be kind to yourselves and others. From what I have personally experienced, this is a wild, almost non-sensical journey. You have to embrace the absurd as much as believing in yourself. It's a tricky wave to surf. All the best of luck (indeed, a lot of this is based on just that) to the candidates here. <3 

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