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Hey Everyone!

I am a graduate of Duke University, an MD graduate of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine and resident at New York University Langone Medical Center. I remember applying to medical schools and the stress that goes with filling out your residency applications, personal statement, and then preparing for interviews.

Through my medical school , internal medicine, and medical school interviews , I was able to see a fair representation of the spectrum of questions often asked by programs. Questions ranging from things on your application to behavioral questions. I found that what helped me most during my prep stages was hearing my colleague's responses, gaining a framework to craft my own based on my own experiences.

You can see more details at my Fiverr page here (also Fiverr is overall a great resource for most aspects of application editing as well, you can PM me for reccs on people I think do a great job for that). Let me know if you have any questions!! Best of luck everyone. 

Link to grab the guide: DrEyeMD Interview Guide

I will:

  • Send you my Q&A interview guide which includes my detailed personal answers and recommendations for 8 common interview questions asked during  interviews like "Tell me about yourself? Team contribution? Biggest challenge? etc."
  • Detailed responses to interview questions I was asked the most often, including strategies I used to prepare mock answers and ways to frame your response.
  • List of 10+ rapid fire questions that you should have prepared.





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