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Is a 4.0 gpa enough to reapply into med school in Quebec universities?

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Hello im currently doing a bac in biology in order to reapply into med school after I finish my 3 years in Quebec (and maybe in Ontario too). Considering my current performance in the programme, im expecting to get a gpa of 4.0 or higher. Will that be enough or do I need to work harder?

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The thing is, not every bachelor majors are equal to the eyes of french med schools in Quebec... You'll have to apply and hope that they will give you a good CRU/CAG/CRA.

For example, if you check the Table des étalons (https://www.ulaval.ca/sites/default/files/admission/table-des-etalons.pdf ) of the université Laval, you can see that a 4.0 GPA in biology barely gives you enough to go over their cutoff of 31 (it should give you 31,162).

For McGill and Ontario you'll have to convert your grades and calculate your wGPA or your GPA according to their own scale (you can find it on OMSAS or on the McGill website) for each university you want to apply. Also, in Ontario, you'll be considered OOP, so it's a much competitive category.

Hope this helps!

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Hey, so I did the same program a couple of years ago and I think the GPA given at udem is now around low 33 for 4.0/4.33, which is also their cutoff. 

I would say you probably have more chances at McGill, since they check the GPA and do not take into account the IFG, which would be in your favor. I believe the GPA converted is around 3.8X/4 at Mcgill for a 4.0/4.33. The Casper is also important, so don't lose hope and try to nail it, it can really make a difference! Hope it helps.

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