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MMI & CASPer Prep Coaching - $40/hour for CaSPER

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MMI & CASPer Prep Coaching - $40/hour for CaSPER

I am currently a final year medical student with extensive experience in CASPer, MMI interviews, and traditional interviews. It's my hope to be able to help you ace your upcoming CASPer test and MMI/Panel interviews.   During our sessions, I will provide students with verbal and written feedback, as well as encourage you to further develop your answers and stories. I have resources that I will provide you that covers a myriad of topics, including Indigenous health, transgender health, immigrant and refugees health, Canadian health care system, aging and palliative medicine, Mental health, ethics, and CanMeds. I also have a bank of questions that is not available online that covers ethical, situational, picture, creative,  healthy policy, acting, and puzzle MMI stations. Over the last few years, I helped numerous students achieve their goal in terms of receiving interviews and eventually gaining medical school acceptance.

About me:

I was accepted to the U of C and U of A medical schools, with an undergraduate GPA of 3.5 and no graduate degrees. I believe what helped me excel was my  CASPer and my MMI interview performance.  I have also served as a medical student interviewer in 2019 at a Canadian medical school.

I currently offer assistance in the following ways:

- CASPer exams ( with feedback) 

- Full length panel interviews - I will provide you with feedback and help you develop a bank of stories that will help you during your interviews. 

- Full length mock MMI simulations with detailed verbal and written feedback + grading. 

- Provide you with an approach to the MMI stations

-  I also have a booklet that I will provide to my students discussing various interview topics. 

All interview coaching sessions will be held online.

Rate: $45/hour for MMI interview preparation or $40/CASPer exam.

Availability:  Flexible; available on first come, first serve basis.

Please email medicinemmiprep@gmail.com or send a PM if you are interested!

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