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On 1/8/2022 at 6:59 PM, HeHePickMe said:

I found the competency assessment to be fair. I think I had decent responses for all the questions. I definitely struggled more on some of the MMI questions.

Funny, I actually felt the opposite. MMI was a bit easier than I had anticipated but I found that the competency assessment caught me off guard. 

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@PhillyH I completely agree with you. It was very much a process of trying to throw in facts and experiences about yourself where you could. I would also consider my background a little less traditional, so I would have preferred a more personal interview. I imagine most people didn’t get the opportunity for this that they expected. I imagine that they’ll also be looking at our entrance essays for this information. Best of luck to you! I have a feeling a lot of people probably had this feeling afterwards. 

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15 hours ago, heartbrain said:

Hey all, I felt the same! I don't think I had the chance to share my background/ECs much in the interview.


I was wondering, does anyone know when the acceptances will be out for OOP? Also, are they being mailed out or emailed?

It hasn't been updated on the site yet, and I doubt anybody really knows at this point. OOP applicants found out in May last year. It's hard to say whether having interviews delayed by so much this year will push back the dates.

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