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Resident Physician Interview Preparation- Serious applicants for 1 month program- $100/hour

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Hello everyone,

I am offering my services to prospective medical school applicants to those who are looking for top quality preparation services from someone with extensive experience coaching applicants, personally interviewing at 7 different schools themselves, and who has served as an official admissions interviewer. 

Please note that due to space I will only take 2 students at a time, and am offering only a maximum of 4 sessions to each student. I strongly feel that four 1 hour sessions, once per week for 4 weeks is enough to set students on the correct path to performing well on their interviews. After our sessions conclude, i would recommend practicing with other applicants in a group setting.

My program is intensive and for serious applicants. There will be assigned homework between sessions and it is imperative that interview preparation is at the top of applicants priority lists.  


*Served as an admissions interviewer for 2 separate years

*Entry into 7 Canadian Medical Schools (UBC, ALBERTA, CALGARY, MCMASTER, QUEENS, OTTAWA, TORONTO) 

*Interview coach for 4 years for prep companies such as **DELETED**, **DELETED**, FUTUREMEMD

*Worked with >50 students in the past 4 years with interviews in panel and MMI style

*Current Resident Doctor in Canada 

Please send me a DM to set up a phone call :)

Best of luck to everyone this admissions cycle

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