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Hi all, can anyone comment on what the schedule is like for the first 2 years in the UBC MD program? How many hours required to be on campus each day/week for mandatory classes? Are lectures recorded so they can be viewed from home? Any input from a current student would be much appreciated. Thanks!  

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Hello! Yes happy to comment. 

The first two years include lectures, labs, communication skills, Case Based Learning, Family Practice, and more! There is variation each week but generally for Year 1 is: Monday 8 am to 5 pm, Tuesday 1-5, Wednesday 8-5, Thursday 1-5, Friday 8-5. 
Sometimes you do end early or you get free time in addition to this.

Most people find there is time to do research or for hobbies.

Most lectures are recorded and optional to attend. There are often previous year recordings too. Currently, we can also attend over Zoom. It is a choose your own adventure and there is a lot of flexibility. 
CBL, Anatomy Lab, and Clinical Skills have required in-person attendance (pre-covid). 
In first year you have about 6 hours of CBL, 2 hours anatomy, 3-4 hours comm/clinical skills per week. You'll also attend a family practice clinic for a few visits. 

I hope this helps. 

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