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U of T Dentistry Interview Invites/Regrets 2022

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Decision: Invite GPA: 3.97 DAT (AA/PAT): 21/21  Casper quartile: 4th IP/OOP: IP Year of Study: 4th year undergrad  Any interview groupchats? 

Congrats to everyone who got an invite! Who is down for some interview practice? Please let me know:)

Decision: Invite GPA: 3.93 DAT (AA/PAT): 26AA26PAT Casper quartile: 4th IP/OOP: IP Year of Study: gap year Msg me if you'd like to practice interviews!!

2 minutes ago, Smileplease said:

does anyone know if we would know from the email subject whether we got an invite??

I applied last year and the email subject line simply read "Doctor of Dental Surgery Program". The results were attached to the email as a PDF of the official letter from the university! So essentially you had to open the email along with the PDF attached to find out if you received an invite.

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