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I am a Canadian student. I will be finishing my Psychology and minor in biology in April. I have Gpa of 3.7/4.5. I have taken the science requirement. I have 1000 patient care hours. I will be applying to UofT and Macmaster. I don't think I have a chance of getting in due to it being very competitive. but I am not giving up so I am still practicing for supplementary application. I am also thinking to apply to programs in the states . so do you think I have a chance or what would advise me to do?


I am in desperate need of advice. I applied last year to the 2 programs but I did not get in. This year I increased my GPA and PCH. I don't have the financial means to go to the states for school but I am thinking of taking loans.

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If you are not having success in Canada then you should defs look for options in the States. 
There are a lot more PA schools there. Also look into Manitoba they have a school there as well.
Practice your interview skills for that McMaster Kira talent -- its important. 
Did you get waitlisted for interviews?

I've applied before with a ~3.7/4 GPA. I'm poop at the Kira talent stuff and got waitlisted for the interview for mac. I will say my kira/mmi/casper was really really bad when i was doing these things. 

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