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If I do residency training in the US, what is the process of going back to Canada?

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Let's say I'm doing an IM subspecialty like cardiology. I understand that Internal Medicine is three years in the US, and cardiology is another three years. In Canada internal medicine is four years while cardiology is three years.

How would I be able to return to Canada if the length of training is shorter? Do I have to take four years of IM in the US before going into a cardiology fellowship? Or would four years of cardiology fellowship suffice instead? Both of these methods give you 7 years of training in total like in Canada. 

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40 minutes ago, Monkey D. Luffy said:

If you do a subspecialty in Canada, IM is only 3 years. Your PGY-4 year counts as both the 4th year of IM and the 1st year of your subspec. So to do cardiology in Canada, you would only do 6 years- which is the same as the US.

Oh wow that's good to hear! 


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