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Medicine vs. Dentistry

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Hey all,

With some time off over the summer, I've been doing a decent bit of (arguably pointless) musing lately haha. Something I've found interesting is the fact that a lot of the more competitive specialties in medicine (ex. derm, ophtho, plastics) seem in some ways more similar to dentistry than the rest of medicine (ex. business/private practice potential, cosmetics and electives, office-based procedures, etc.). In other words, the "vibe" inside a typical dermatology clinic from my perspective is more similar to that of a dental office than it is, to say, an ER or GP practice. So, what I'm wondering is, if many of the most competitive students in medicine end up going for these specialties, at least in part due to the lifestyle and type of work they offer, would some have been better served going the dental route to begin with? ie. it seems a lot of very talented people in medical school ultimately end up trying to "escape" the medical system and go for a work style that another profession could have more quickly and efficiently afforded. Any thoughts on this?



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Those specialties offer more independence from both government and academic intrusion than other ones, which attracts individuals with more entrepreneurial mindsets.

The downside is that private equity gets involved in those fields too. It's less of a problem in Canada, except for in dentistry, where large corporations are trying to monopolize markets.

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