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Out of province applicant, considering applying at the University of Waterloo. 
How to prepare for the OAT ? 

In Quebec, we don't have the MCATS, OAT, etc., so this is very new to me. 

If there's any Quebec applicant that went through the same thing and would like to share their experience, it would be appreciated. 

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I used dat boot camp and my physics notes from undergrad. But boot camp added physics since then. I just finished the program and if you get into Montreal or uw I would go to Montreal. Although Montreal gets 1000 applicants for 40 seats. Uw weights Casper very high pre and post interview. So focus on it. We only had one quebecois in my class and that person was from Montreal who doesn’t speak much French.

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1 hour ago, OptoGoal said:

@Xbox Skully thank you very much this is super helpful !! I’ll apply to both but like you said it’s super competitive in MTL, so trying to maximize my chances. 
how did you find the program? 

I found the 12 + exam week semesters way too condense to learn properly. Each semester you will have 6-10 exams plus practicals. I noticed the girls in the class are more type A hyper competitive but the guys are more laid back. My guess it the hyper competive makes attend med school or dental.  And good luck with all those pre requisites. If you need advice just pm.

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