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Successful UBC MED applicants in 80-84 % GPA range??

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Anyone have any success stories from UBC that either were interviewed or admitted into the program with a 80-84% GPA average? 

I'm truly debating whether this is even worth it for me at this point and would truly love any feedback/advice or would like to hear any success stories. 

I am a non traditional applicant, already completed by BSc in 2020 and am sitting at a 83-84% average as calculated per the UBC Medical School grade calculator. I've looked at the statistics and do see each year that they are successful candidates admitted however I would truly appreciate hearing some of the unique success stories and/or any advise on whether I should pursue another degree or focus on my NAQ? 

Thank you in advance, the journey is much easier when one is not alone and the helpful feedback from these forums have truly been one of the reasons I keep pushing forward . 


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Hi there;

I received a UBC admission offer and applied as a non-traditional, out-of-province student with a BSc and two Masters degrees.  I'm not sure what they look for in applications now, as I applied a good while ago, but the non-academic portion of the application used to be worth quite a bit of the pre-interview score.  I know my pre-interview application score benefitted from that.  If you haven't done so already consider asking for more information on that as that may be one way to boost your score.

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