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CFPC Membership as PGY2 - worth it?

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Just got an email about renewing my CFPC membership and they want $102 for PGY2. Have had the membership since I was a med student and never really found any benefit, but kept renewing because it was free. Are there any other tangible benefits worth spending 100 bucks on a renewal fee? Right now my plan is not to renew. I have enough continuing education courses coming up I could speed $100 on. 

Just submitted CaRMS app yesterday and hoping to match to a PGY3 if that makes any difference (but I don’t see how it would). 

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On 9/21/2022 at 7:21 AM, MDwannabe02 said:

Bummer. Oh well. I'll just wait till I apply for the exam and... give them even more money :(

Get used to forking over more and more money as you approach end of residency and start of staffhood. 

just another reason to be sure there is LOC room by the end of training. 

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