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McGill PT Qualifying Year cGPA Cutoffs

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Hi! I'm just wondering what has been the average cGPA cutoff lately these past few years? It seems like it's been going up every year and I lose more hope that it would even be worth it for me to apply. My cGPA may be around 3.2-3.3 (which is the min to apply) at best at the end of my undergrad two years from now, so I have no hope that my application would even be viewed let alone accepted.

I know CASPer and other components like volunteering are important, but would I even have a chance even with a crummy GPA? There are all these applicants with like 3.7+ cGPAs and I really don't stand a chance against them in terms of GPA. 

What have been the last few cutoffs in the past years that you've heard of? I'm already planning on doing a different masters program anyway since I probably don't stand a chance in this one, I was just curious about the cutoffs since they seem impossible in addition to such a large pool of amazing candidates :(


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