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im not sure how i should go about going from an early college to med school

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Hi, I am a currently in my first year of college. As a high school student I went to an early college so I have 60 credits and an AA degree from Bard College. Because my college accepted all of my credits, I only have to do two years for college instead of the typical four. I also want to become a doctor and go to med school. Because I have 60 credits in my back pocket I was planning on taking a gap year between med school and my college ending to study for the MCAT and expanding my resume etc. However, a few people I talked to advised me against it because "I would lose the motivation to study." I'm not really sure what I should do, it would be nice to be two years ahead but at the same time I kind of just want the gap year just to even be mentally prepared to apply. 

Anyways, does anyone know which path would be better? 

Also, some people said it looks back that some of the med school required courses (Chemistry, Calc 1) I took are technically in high school but they were college courses taught by college professors. Should I be worried about that might look on a med school application? 

Thank you.

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