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Interview Invitations: 2022-2023 Cycle

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Based on previous years, we can likely expect for interview invitations to be released anytime between now and late-November. At which point, feel free to indicate your status by providing the following information. Best of luck everyone!! :)

Result (Reject/Invite): 




Geography (NL/NB/PEI/NS/OOP):

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22 hours ago, MariaF said:

Does anyone know when OOP invites will go out? Has anyone heard back?

I haven't heard anything either... I'm from BC and eager to hear on OOP invites. From looking at last years thread, some OOP responses didn't go out until December. We might have to wait about longer. 

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2 minutes ago, MariaF said:

I just find it odd because on the website it says decisions would be made Sept-Nov

Yeah, but you'll notice it says "... reviews applications and decides on interview offers", which does not state that offers will be made. It's pedantic, but there's no commitment that applicants will hear back in November. 

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