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How early is too early for CARS prep?


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Did TERRIBLY on this section. I plan to rewrite next August, but I'm struggling to figure out how much time I should dedicate to CARS prep.

Would you guys recommend that I start now? If so, do you recommend just reading articles/books or actually going for some practice (although I fear that I'll run out of stuff pretty quick)?

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Honestly, I think it depends on you. I think there's also a compounding effect. I was doing bad, but then focused on doing approx. 1 CARS section a day over 3 months. It was tough to find enough material, I admit, but I made it work using TPR content and old MCAT content (adjusted for the new time per question). This helped a lot. The other thing that is extremely important is learning how and why you get things wrong. CARS is about improving your own logic - so you need to improve the method to find the answer, not just get a specific question right. Try to learn how to 1) find the info in the text 2) balance when to return to the passage to find proof and 3) find evidence for the answers you think are plausible and cross out answers that are implausible/wrong using evidence/reasoning from the text. FWIW I got a 129.

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