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Publication opportunity in ophthalmology


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Hi everyone, my name is Dr. Wu, resident-physician in ophthalmology. I am looking for students to work on a review paper on ocular pharmacology. This paper will be published in a peer-reviewed journal (IF 6.52), and the publication is almost guaranteed, since we were directly invited by the editor to write the article.


Our review paper will be on the use of biodegradable polymeric drug delivery systems in the treatment of ocular diseases. This will be a fundamental science-oriented paper, focusing on pharmacology, treatment targets and materials science. Therefore those with a background in fundamental science are welcome.


Selection criteria:

-Past experience in fundamental/pharmacology/materials science research

-Knowledge of the following keywords: nanomicelles, nanoparticles, nanosuspensions, nanofiber, nanosphere, nanocapsule, microneedles, microemulsion, liposomes, dendrimers, hydrogels, contact lenses, inserts

-Know how to make figures/flowcharts

-Ideally have a PhD or MSc degree

-Write well in English 

-Availability for the next two weeks to work on the article


Selected candidates will be contacted for interview.

If interested, please send me an email at wuyangkevin1@hotmail.com with your CV emphasizing on your academic background, past peer-reviewed publications and research projects. Other details (e.g., community service, awards/scholarships) can be omitted.


Happy Holidays!

-K.Y. Wu, MD, DMD


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