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CARMS and research

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Hi everyone,

I am in my second year of med school in Quebec. I am potentially interested in internal medicine (aiming at intensive care, again potentially). My other interest is family medicine. Ideally, I'd like to do my residency in Montreal.

I am currently working as a research assistant but the work I am doing has more to do with building databases for the clinicians working there, patient interviews for data collection and file review, also for data collection. I do not have any publication planned, but I really like what I am doing and the team I am working with and plan to continue with them until my residency (which has been proposed to me and I accepted) - more or less on the same long-term projects. 

I was wondering the following:

- Is research experience necessary to get into internal medicine in Montreal?

- Is the type of research experience I am building enough, or does it have to lead to publications or presentations to count?

Thanks a lot!

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Generally speaking, people recognize publications or at least manuscripts that have been submitted. This opportunity is great, but I would aim to see if you can get a paper out of it, usually you can once you have enough data. If the team is nice, you should be a co-author on many if not all of these papers since you built the database. Having this listed will be helpful but it will be more meaningful if you can also have a manuscript from the work, otherwise its hard to know how much work you really spent on it. 

You don't need research to get into IM in Montreal or any big city, but it certainly increases your chances. Particularly, if you are working with an attending who is an internist in Montreal, if they are on your side and write you a good letter it will increase your chances more. If you want to maximize your chances of staying in Montreal for IM, I would work on this project and try to get a paper or two from it. 


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