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How might my scholarships be viewed?

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Hi all,

Thanks so much in advance for any advice you have to offer! I'm hoping to apply to Dal in future cycles, but I'm uncertain as to how 2 scholarships I've been awarded during my MSc would be viewed. My mother has Métis heritage, though the culture isn't something my siblings and I had thoroughly integrated into our upbringing, and outside of mom, we're visibly Caucasian. My mother is engaged with current issues and occasionally attends ceremonies with local Indigenous groups, and my siblings all have status cards, though I personally don't engage with the community.

Because of my heritage, I identified upon entry to my MSc program as an Indigenous person, and have been selected for 2 merit-based scholarships awarded to self-identified persons at my university. Because my indigeneity isn't a large part of my life however, I don't plan applying to Dal through the Indigenous Health Program, and will pursue the regular stream. My concern is how the discrepancy between having awards meant for Indigenous students, and applying through the main admissions stream, will be viewed. While the requirements of the two systems are very different (Dal being obviously more stringent), this isn't something I'd expect to be understood on my application without specific mention.

I'm wondering if I should exclude them from my application, or if it's possible to describe the circumstances in the app.


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If the scholarships were merit based, and your heritage made you eligible for them, I don’t see why you should exclude them from your application. Be proud - you deserved it! I think you should certainly include merit-based scholarships on your application.

also, is there anything in the name of the scholarship(s) that clearly indicates that they’re Indigenous-related? Even if so, and it came up/raised questions during your application process, the fact that you’re applying in the general stream (as opposed to the stream for Indigenous students) means that you’re likely applying in a more competitive field. There are more applicants eligible to apply in the general stream, and while I don’t know how many spots there are per stream at Dal, I assume it could be advantageous to apply via the Indigenous stream because there would be less eligible applicants.

in any case, I would include merit-based scholarships because that makes you stand out and you deserved it, just be ready to explain your eligibility for said scholarships, should the question arise (it likely won’t imo, if you’re applying in the general stream. The adcom don’t have the time to verify your eligibility for prizes previously awarded). I assume that you were truthful and indeed eligible to obtain the scholarships (and didn’t lie about your status).

best of luck!

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