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John Abott or Vanier College to go to McGill Pre med?

John Abbott or Vanier college to go to McGill premed?  

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  1. 1. Is John Abbott or Vanier college better to go to McGill premed?

    • John Abbott
    • Vanier

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I think it mostly depends on which is closer to your home (think of the time youll spend doing the trip between home and school every day). If one is way closer to your house, I'd prioritize this one (unless you truly prefer the other)

I know people going to both Vanier and jac, and they all seem to enjoy their respective cégep. To me, jac has a better campus and seems to have better class choices (but I guess that doesn't really matter if you're premed cause you're gonna have to take the same bio and orgo classes either way). Vanier is closer to the metro, so better access to the centre ville etc. 

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The overall r score average is around the same for both cégep (you can check that on the bci website). It really depends on where you think you will perform better (think of what matters most to you in term of campus, student life, location, program -> go to the open houses), cause you will probably perform better at a cegep where you feel comfortable. If you want to go to mcgill you also need to think about your cv (it's worth 10% of admission) -> an extracurricular, relevant job or volunteering, etc.

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I am considering Dawson as well, but since it isn't part of the SRAM, I can also apply to another college as well. Since I don't know where I'll get accepted, I want to be on the safe side and apply to more than one. John Abott and Vanier are both part of the SRAM, so I can only apply to one, I'm trying to decide on which.

Also, I have never heard of the bci website you refer to, I tried looking it up and am not sure I'm on the right track. I'm guessing it's the Bureau de coopération universitaire, but I can't find how to check the overall R-score average.

Thanks a lot for your help, I really appreciate it

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Yes its the bureau de coopération universitaire! That's the website. Just look for the document called La CRC révisée et l'admission universitaire des sortants des collèges québecois (page 35). The stats are kinda old (2019) but it can give you a general idea (not sure if there's another document with updated statistics, I haven't looked). 

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