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Any success stories for those with a non-traditional path to McMaster Med?

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Hello friends!

I am a non-traditional Ontario-based applicant who felt a strong pull towards medicine these past two years during the COVID-19 pandemic. I wanted to poke around and see if there is anyone else who was maybe in my position, and who successfully got in to McMaster's medical school. Here is my background:

-I had a rough initial two and a half years at one Ontario university, but I transferred to another school and my grades shot up. I did not have a full-time study schedule for the most part (min. 5 classes a semester) as I also worked during my studies to support myself. I did not fathom that medicine would be a path for me at that point! As such, some medical schools are out of the question for me.

-My overall cGPA from both universities would be a 3.70 on the OMSAS scale

-I have yet to take the MCAT (it is scheduled this June for me), but my CARS section during my practice is great right now. I know that my CASPer score will need to be very solid when that time comes, and I am enlisting the help of a prep course for this as well closer to the summer.

-As I do not have a full hard sciences background in undergrad, I am preparing as best as I can for the other sections of the MCAT, but I do feel that CARS will be my stronger section. This is a big part of why I feel a pull towards McMaster.

-I have an MSc that I finished up last year

-I started a successful health-focused not-for-profit last year

With discipline and a good plan, I have hope and faith (hence my handle) that what is meant for me will unfold in due course. I am feeling a bit uneasy lately though and I thought I would reach out to see if there are others who were maybe in a similar position and who were successful with McMaster.

Thank you for reading!

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