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RCPSC Exams? 
Please complete this survey. Just 5 minutes of your time!

Physician burn out and long waiting lists are of increasing concern to physicians and the public.  License more doctors is a cry that is being heard throughout Canada. 

The quality, effectiveness, and efficacy of the process and the RCPSC exams themselves is an issue that needs to be considered, not just by those who design them, but through the experience of those who take them.

If you have prepared for or taken any of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada Certification exams, we want to know your story. 

From the prep, to the exam, to getting feedback, everyone has a different story. 

What’s your story?  What do you think? 

Complete this anonymous survey to give your two cents as to what you think about your experience with these exams.

We want to hear from CMGs, CSAs and other IMGS to understand concerns and what can be done about it. We want to hear from those who are not yet certified, the newly certified, and those who can’t recall when they were certified. 

We hope to use this feedback to advocate for changes to the RCPSC examination, reporting, and appeals process. 

Please take 5 minutes to complete the attached anonymous survey. Please distribute this survey to any colleagues who you know who took or are otherwise involved with RCPSC exams. 

Click the link below to complete the survey. Click the “Submit” button at the end of the survey to submit. Thank you for your help and support. 

This survey is being conducted by the Society for Canadians Studying Medicine Abroad.  If you have questions, please contact us at:  socasma@outlook.com.








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