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Nursing as a second degree + some questions!

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Hi! So, I'm in my 4th year of a Bio degree at Carleton U. Long story short, I applied to med school and did not get an offer this cycle. I felt that it wouldn't be smart to apply with the same stats, so I'm applying for second degree that I could actually make a career out of if I have to apply to medical school several times. I really love health care and think I could be a good fit for nursing if I didn't make it into medicine, so I would be happy either way. I applied to Western 4 year BScN (both sites).

I just have some questions that aren't answered by the admissions page:

- What is considered to be a competitive average for a second degree applicant? My average in my final 2 years (10 full courses) is ~80% and I have a 4th quartile CASPER.

- Does Western look at EC's for nursing? I have really good EC's (working in health care, TAing, tutoring, volunteering, etc.) but I wasn't sure if Western even looks at EC's.

- When do 105 applicants usually start hearing from Western for nursing? I got an email saying that they were "still reviewing my application/ to check the portal regularly" and there's a message on the application portal for me to submit my final transcript at the end of the semester when my current grades come out. Does this mean that I likely won't hear back until the semester is over and they have my grades for my current courses?

I'm just nervous at my chances to get in since it seems like nursing is so competitive nowadays (a lot of OUAC 101 applicants are reporting 90+ average, and there's not a lot of info on stats for second degree applicants). Any info would be appreciated and would help to ease the anxiety of waiting!

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