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How to prepare for rad&IR elective + the interview tests?

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I was wondering what you guys found to be the best ways to study for your radiology and interventional radiology electives and how to shine. Also, I know there are some quizzes that come up in interviews, what universities tend to do these tests? (I've heard some unis do it but it doesn't matter that much and they want to see your thinking process) What's the best way to prepare for interview quizzes? 

Any info is much appreciated!!

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The overall expectations for electives are relatively low. If you want to appear knowledgeable, the best diagnostic areas to focus on are general X-rays, ER radiology (X-ray/CT/US), +/- whatever area you are rotating on a lot. For study materials I read through "radiologymasterclass" (first result on Google, go through the free tutorial) and a bit of LearningRadiology (textbook) in M3. In M4 I went through CoreRadiology (textbook) for the relevant area I rotated on. On top of that a good amount of time I was just doing an educated Google search to understand radiology terminology and technology better.

For interventional radiology if you are only there for a day or two I wouldn't bother preparing other than reading up on any cases beforehand. If you are doing a true IR rotation (2-4 weeks) or if you want to do IR, then it's probably worth preparing. See the following https://www.stepwards.com/?page_id=24816 and https://youtu.be/RaeSKvooC8w. Know the general indications and contraindications for your procedure. If you want to be very keen and you're doing multiple IR rotations, you could review the SIR guidelines for understanding anticoagulation/antiplatelet drugs and low platelet counts.

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