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McGill IMG-2 program?

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Has anyone ever been successful going through this? Im currently in my second term at sgu and doing well/getting 90s. I really would like to come back to Canada rather than going to the States. Was wondering if anyone had any stories about this pathway. I guess its still probably extremely unlikely I would get it. Im never coming back to Canada

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Pretty interesting program. But I believe both programs are open for who already graduated from a medical school outside of Canada or USA, thus for IMGs (international medical graduates), not for current students outside of Canada or USA as a transfer student.

I believe this program is specifically targeting IMGs (graduates, not current overseas students) in Quebec who cannot practice in Quebec but want to go back to medical school and become licensed doctor in Quebec. 

I'm not sure if you want to come back to Canada (you mentioned you would like to come back / never coming back). But the best bets would be applying Canadian residency during your 4th year, especially if family medicine is your interests. If you are from Quebec, there are many opportunities for family medicine residencies if you are fluent in French because many family medicine residencies in Quebec are left vacant because they have French language requirement. That would be fastest way to come back to Quebec/Canada.

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