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Accepted/Rejected/Waitlisted??? (for current applicants)

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I know it's late but sharing for data purposes

Result: Accepted to MAM!

Timestamp: May 9, 2017 7:44 AM EST

GPA: 3.81 wGPA: 3.92 

MCAT: 509 (127,127,128,127)

ECs: Long term volunteering at the hospital, lots of volunteering with children, some research (presentations but no pubs), mentoring, student government, artistic ECs, part-time jobs (honestly felt they were pretty basic, I just did what I enjoyed)

Essays: Spent a month working on them and had multiple people review it. Felt really good about them

Interview: Felt pretty good with all of the stations, definitely came out thinking that I should've said some things based on my practice answers but you never know what the person on the other side likes. Felt my personality shined through my answers. Had a great experience during the interview!

Year: Graduated 2016

Geography: IP

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ACCEPTED!!! (St. George) 9:18AM Interview Date: Feb 28  GPA: 3.72 (Not eligible for weighting)  MCAT: Above cuttoffs Interview: I thought it went well overall.  IP MSc 2nd year   I am in total

After many years of reading acceptance posts, I can't believe I'm adding my own (with some tips thrown in, to be taken with a grain of salt):   TIME STAMP: 9:08 AM, May 12, 2015 Interview Date: Mar

Wow I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this e-mail. Did not expect to hear back 3 days after my interview!!!   Program: ***MD/PhD*** Interview date: Feb 27-28 Result: Accept cGPA: 3.70 wGPA:

Also late, but I figured I should post.

Result: Accepted to St. George!!

Timestamp: May 9, 2017 8:05 AM EST

GPA: 3.99 wGPA: 4.00 

MCAT: 510 (127,126,129,128)

ECs: Long-term leadership and volunteer roles; all stuff in my community. Lots of teamwork experience that really seemed to stand out at the interview.

Essays: Did them all in the weekend before the application was due, but made them very personal and only had one family member read them over.

Interview: I felt very good about three stations and OK about the fourth, but my follow-up questions at that station were well received, so it turned out pretty good after all. I didn't practice at all because I didn't want to sound rehearsed and it seemed to pay off!

Year: Graduated 2016, completing Masters.

Geography: IP

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On 09/05/2017 at 5:35 PM, jeff123 said:

Long time lurker here. 





Result: Accepted to St. George



Timestamp: 6:19am 



wGPA: 3.61



MCAT: Above cut offs



ECs: Professional chess player, won several regional competitions, did well in provincials. 



Essays: Strongest part of my application. Hired the right person to do them for me, though it was rather costly. 



Interview: Felt great throughout, my personality really shined during the interview. 



Year: 4th year UG



Geography: IP






Absolutely in shock. My mind went completely blank for half an hour.






Had multiple backup plans since I knew my GPA was going to be a major hurdle. I think my ECs and Interview really made an impression. So for everyone out there with less than a perfect GPA who's debating whether or not to apply, there is hope!  


Hello, I'd like to know who you hired for your essays. I don't really mind paying too much. Please reply.  

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Posting stats for future cycles: 

Result: Wait-listed. Did not end up getting the elusive acceptance phone call. 

wGPA:  3.99

Ec's: Diverse. Hit most of the clusters with the ABS essays. 

Essays: Thought they were great at the time but looking back on them this year, they weren't anything special. Just answered the questions; not very personal. 

Interview: 1 station felt amazing, 2 were average, 1 was cringe-worthy. I guess the final result makes sense.



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Result: Accepted to St. George!!!!!! ACCEPTED!!!!!

Timestamp: 9.25 am May 8, 2018 

Email Subject Line: University of Toronto MD Offer Letter

GPA: 3.89 not eligible for weighted i believe. 

MCAT: 523

ECs: average maybe. more research than other extra curriculars.

Essays: got help. spent weeks.

Research: 2 publications.

Interview: 1 station was great 1 was shit two others meh

Year: 4th year

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Result: Accepted to St. George!

Timestamp: 9:23 am May 8, 2018 

GPA: 3.95 not eligible for weighted

MCAT: 519

ECs: pretty average. Some leadership/research/volunteering

Essays: wrote them the day of, I'm not proud of this, do NOT do this. I was just extremely stressed during application time and never found the motivation to write them

Research: No pubs. 

Interview: 1 good station, 1 bad station, 2 okay stations

Year: graduated

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Result: Accepted to St. George!

Timestamp: 9:25 am May 8, 2018 

GPA: cGPA 3.81, wGPA 3.84-ish? 

MCAT: 517

ECs: Pretty good - directed a non-profit for several years, counselled at-risk youth, lots of music

Essays: spent probably a week on them? Had them looked over by a few people, didn't feel they were life-changing

Research: 3 years with one lab, 1 pub

Interview: 3 good stations, 1 okay station

Year: just finished my BSc

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Result: Accepted (St George)

Timestamp: 9:25 EST May 8, 2018 

GPA: 3.97 

MCAT: 523

ECs: diverse I think?? nothing super long-term

Essays: I have no idea at this point but I'm a decent writer?

Research: no pubs, 2 years of honours work, NSERC USRA

Interview: Very relaxed, though I totally blanked on my own essay topics haha

Year: Just finished BSc

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I feel like I'm going to throw up...

Result: Accepted!!!!

Timestamp: 9:22 EST May 8, 2018 

wGPA: 3.87 

MCAT: met cutoffs

ECs: (copy and pasted from invite 2018 thread) 

Lots of music stuff (RCM for piano at high level, played music/led a band for my youth group for 5+ years, self-taught guitar, song writing but tbh nothing really to show for it). Majored in an allied health profession in undergrad so really tried to incorporate my clinical experiences as much as I could. ZERO research...zilch...nada...nothing. Thought for sure that would make me dead on arrival (in combination with my sub-par wGPA). Had a bit of typical premed stuff - hospital volunteering, tutoring etc... Also tried to include some of my hobbies - stuff you would NEVER expect to see on a professional application lol. When I showed my app to a friend he said "Bro are you sure you want to include that?" I literally tossed them in there because (1) Yes I'm passionate about them (2) I thought there was no way I'd get interviewed so might as well show "all of me." 

tl;dr - BELOW average imo (but I guess not the adcom's opinion lol)

Advice to future applicants (based on my experience): Be yourself and most importantly be true to yourself. Show the adcoms the person you are, not the person you think they want you to be. Use discretion of course though lol

Essays:  Spent way too many days thinking about them and not enough days writing them. In the end I'd say I was moderately content with them - some more than others.

Advice to future applicants(based on my experience): Be impactful and use stories. Research the school well, find out what qualities they're looking for and show how you've demonstrated those qualities through your story telling.

Interview: I was fairly confident walking out, but I knew how I "felt" about it may not have any relationship to how I actually "did." Am stunned that it worked out! Overall, I'd say 3 interviews were rock solid, and 1 was moderately shaky but I think I handled myself well.

Advice to future interviewers (based on my experience): It's stated on the forums everywhere but I think it makes a difference. Be a human in there and keep calm. I used PHD2MD's thread (below) to help in prep, but honestly I believe as long as you know yourself well, are prepared to see issues from both sides, and are able to "connect' with your interviewers, you are good to go.

Year: Graduated undergrad in 2017

Cannot believe this. Dreams come true. I can guarantee you that I am FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR from an exceptional candidate (lower than avg wGPA, meh ECs, decent essays) and yet I landed a spot at U of T Med. I really want to drive home this point (because it is something I truly did not believe for the past 5 years): that you DO NOT have to have a 4.0 GPA, ridonkulous ECs, 10 first author pubs etc etc in order to get into U of T Med. Believe in yourself, and believe in the work you've put in. Best of luck to all future applicants.

....Holy balls I'm gonna be a doctor!!!!!!

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Accepted to St. George.


Time Stamp: May 8, 9:25 AM EST 

Interview Date: Sunday April 8

wGPA: 3.95

MCAT: above cutoffs

ECs: did things I'm very passionate about. 

Essays: good. added a personal touch to each essay!

Interview: felt like I connected with all 4 interviewers!

Year: 4th year 

Geography: IP


Extremely excited! I will be accepting this offer!  



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Result: Accepted (St George)!

Timestamp: 9:26 EST May 8, 2018 

cGPA: 3.94 

ECs: Diverse and long term

Essays: Very personal, felt good about them

Research: 1st author pub, conference presentation, abstracts

Interview: First station was a little rocky, felt really great about the other three!

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Result: Accepted to St. George

Timestamp: April 17, 2018 

GPA: 3.90 wGPA: 3.99 

MCAT: met cutoffs

ECs: Quite diverse, with music as a lens to expanding community outreach

Essays: Spent a few weeks on them, very personal and focused on CanMEDs

Research: Spent 2 years doing research at McMaster 

Interview: Loved it. My favorite interview this cycle

Year: Graduated 2017

Geography: IP

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Result: Regrets

Timestamp: 10am

GPA: 4.0

MCAT: 522

ECs: All entries were filled because why not

Essays: Didn't consciously focus on CANMEDS given the questions and just answered the questions. Spent a couple days on them; have gotten decent at writing concise 250 word essays

Research: Check, should satisfy what they're looking for

Interview: I always preferred UoT's interview style most, but unfortunately I wasn't able to perform my best because it felt a bit too lax? This was my last interview and I thought I'd have gotten the hang of things but instead I started taking things less seriously :unsure: Guess a healthy dose of adrenaline is useful haha. Zero self-reflection/refreshing on essays prep that I did for other interviews (got distracted by the city lol). I did take the chance to learn more about their new curriculum which I am happy for you guys sounds very good! UofT went from one of my top choices to me taking myself out of the running so I wouldn't rush my defense for their deadline, so we're on the same page! 

Year: MSc

Geography: OOP

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Result: Regrets

Timestamp: 10 am May 8, 2018 

GPA: 3.98 before weighting

MCAT: 521 (130|129|132|130)

ECs: 3 summers research plus year-round at various labs (no pubs), community volunteering, extracurricular teacher, mentoring program, active in cultural programs

Essays: Worked really hard for a few days to write the best essays I could, did lots of research on both CanMeds roles and essay topics, and then wrote as honestly as I could. One interviewer actually commented that the writing was really great and that she was impressed....

Interview: At the time, I felt I was really amazing in two of them, but rather dumb in one, having to continuously backtrack and stammeringly explain my reasoning. For the fourth one, I have no idea as to how what I answered even made sense..... Honestly, I did not prepare enough, probably took it easy since I had done so many interviews by then and already had US acceptances.

Year: 4th Year UG

Geography: OOP

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Result: Accepted to St. George!

Time-stamp: 9:17 AM

wGPA: 3.94

ECs: Diverse, lots of hospital volunteering, working with at risk populations, food bank volunteering, customer service/operations business experience, teaching free science courses, travelling, hobbies,  LOTS of sports. PM if you would like a detailed overview :)

MCAT: 514

Essay: Felt very good about these, were unique and based on personal experiences. Spent about a week writing them and 1 day of editing from family and friends.

Research: zero.

Interview: Felt like my best interview. I immediately connected with the first interviewer which put me in a positive mood for the others. I felt like I was being very honest and conversational throughout. 3 stations felt amazing, one station felt okay, not great, but not bad.

Year: Graduated in 2017, currently working

Geography: OOP

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Copying and pasting from my interview invite post, as my emotional state even at this point is the same as it was then! 

**Still shaking and crying** 

I never thought I would receive this email, but this goes to dreams can true, when you least expect them to! So to everyone out there with pure intentions, working hard towards their dream, hang in there, and keep striving the best you can! Do not loose yourself in the process, keep your mental and physical well-being in check. I know it's just an interview, but I know how arbitrary the process can be for interview invitation, so I am very honoured and humbled by this opportunity. 


TIME STAMP: May 8th @ 9:24am 

Interviewed for MD/PhD but didn't get accepted, so happy to get just MD! Everything happens for a reason! 

St. George Campus 

cGPA: 3.82 (OMSAS), wGPA: 3.96

MCAT: 509 (127/125/130/127)

ECs: 3 years research (0 pubs {1 as 3rd author submitted and in revisions; 1 conference, multiple research days with poster presentations and oral talks); Executive in various clubs; Science Education Outreach; Intramural Sports; Hospital Volunteering; Various jobs since the age of 16; Volunteering and working with religious group; Taking care of special needs sibling.  


Essays: Focused heavily on personal experiences as a minority in each essay, discussed how personal/family life has impacted decision making in education purists; Wrote all 1 week before applications were due, had family members edit and read, 1 friend in med school helped give guidelines on how to best incorporate CanMed clusters in the essays for top 3 ABS items. Did research on UofT's perspective/medical school curriculum in relation to all of the opinion essay topics, and used that to support my opinion. Overall essays were passionate and written quickly, so they had some minor grammatical errors, and most were exactly 250 words, and one or 2 were even slightly over the limit. 

Year: MSc from UofT nearly complete. 4 year BSc in Life Science 

Geography: IP

Interview: 3 stations went great, I kept thinking I choked on the last station. I felt I connected well with all the interviewers. I was true to my self and my life experiences. Being friendly and personable helps. I kept thinking I screwed up but since my interview and wouldn't get in, but miracles happen and hardwork pays off. I was ready to look for jobs post MSc but God had other plans! So thankful to God and everyone who encouraged me and helped through this process! 

Feel free to message for more details. 

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Still in disbelief that I actually get to post one of these...

Result: Accepted to MAM (first choice), May 8 9:25 AM

Interview date: March 24

wGPA: 3.92

ECs: Filled all 48 spots. Art/music/poetry, 3 years research (but no pubs), >3000 hours of employment, hospital volunteering, mental health advocacy, >2000 hours community service, some unique life experiences. 

MCAT: Met cutoffs

Essays: Very personal and heartfelt.

Interview: Felt OK walking out, then on the way home had a meltdown and convinced myself I had bombed everything, had red-flagged myself, was sure to get rejected. Guess it worked out better than I thought!

Year: Final year UG

Geography: IP

Feel free to message for more details!

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GPA: 3.74ish 

Extracurriculars: club president and other club executive positions, lots of hospital volunteering, volunteered in rural areas. 

Research: 2 second author, 1 3rd author pub in review. Dabbled in clinical research as well. 

MCAT: 127,127,128,128

Essays: pretty strong - very heart felt 

Interview: honestly no idea 

education level: completing MSc. 

Depressed from the results. 2nd time being rejected post-interview and I have no idea how to improve. If it's the GPA I don't know why they

bother to interview me. 

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