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-Primary care specialties decreased competitiveness throughout. Really did not expect Peds and Internal.

-As I expected, Radiology had a tough year. Don't remember the last time Rad-Onc was at a 0.76 either. Very mall specialties like Vascular and Nucs were tough too. 

-Family having almost the same ratio as pathology 


Interested to see if these trends hold. 


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Feel like the IM ratio is misleading since it only captures spots : 1st choice applicant.  A stupid number of applicants 2nded, 3rded, etc with IM. Iirc queens sent a reject email saying something like 900+ cmgs applied (basically a third of all cmgs)

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Are people really surprised that in the last few years where people bash public health physicians all day long that less people want to do that? 

Sometimes it's just fucking sad thinking of how disrespected public health physicians are and the difficult decisions that are made. 

- G 

EDIT: let's not forget how the CMOH of Alberta's reputation was completely tarnished courtesy of the UCP, or how people protest outside of MOH's houses, or death threats just for trying to protect the public. 

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3 hours ago, Bobthebuilder said:

I'm still very curious to know why ortho surg isn't that competitive on the English side while it is quite competitive on the french side. Can't really explain it. Any idea ?

8 Ortho spots in all of Quebec compared to 51(44 CMG, 7 IMG) in English Canada. In 2022, Quebec graduated 879  medical students vs 1961 in Anglo Canada. Conversely the low number of training spots in Quebec mean a markedly better job market which is one of the main deterrents for Ortho in English Canada. 

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43 minutes ago, dooogs said:

What was the difference between quebec and the rest for ophthalmology? I cant find the information

I am not sure CaRMS had this information compiled but if you look at FMEQ website they publish a report every year regarding supply and demand for Québec specifically. Ophto from what I understood was less competitive in Quebec.

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