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Good Afternoon


I am a first year Pre Med student majoring in Biomedical Engineering... I wasn't quite pleased with my academic performance during freshman year.


This is my GPA as of now... am seriously considering retaking the mathematics courses, where I ended up with a B and a C+ in. Any Suggestions?


Looking into both American and Canadian Medical Schools

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Tbh I think you did overall very well in your first year and I would be pretty content in your spot! Going into your next year, see what other strategies you can implement to improve from here! Don't forget GPA is only 1 piece of the puzzle and you may want to use your time to get involved in extracurriculars etc.

All the best! Cheers

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9 hours ago, bearded frog said:

Regardless of what your school does, med schools will take both grades and not replace the lower one.

Some schools (e.g., UofT) also do not allow you to re-take courses if you passed them, unless they was a certain grade requirement to qualify for entry or transfer into a particular major/minor that you did not meet.

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