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I was wondering if u can apply to medical while you are still doing your pharmacy degree like other degrees after 3rd of undergrad or 2nd of pharmacy....


I just recently moved from the south , so i'm just a newbie.....any input will be nice.....thanks...

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Guest Ian Wong

The only thing that prevents you from applying to medical school is the time until you finish your med school pre-requisites: ie. pre-req courses, and MCAT's.


You should check when in Pharmacy you'll have taken the Organic Chem and Biochem pre-reqs listed on the UBC Med Admissions web-site, and that will tell you roughly when you can apply to med school. Bear in mind that you can apply as long as you are registered to complete those pre-requisites before you would start med school. eg. If you are taking your full year of third year Biochem, you could be applying to UBC med that year as well.



UBC, Med 3

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