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Guest rb123

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I have a few questions about the extra-curricular activities section:


1. What kind of information should I fill in for a sport that I have participated in for over 10 years for various teams and levels of play (rec to national)? I don't want to waste all of the space for one sport, but it would probably be good to include information other than the name of the sport. I can't figure out what to put in for the date/hours either since I have been involved off and on for a very long time, and there was an endless number of tournaments and leagues. I realize that I can expand in the essay section, but it is difficult for me to determine what to highlight in the small space provided in the ec setion.


2. What should I do with ec activities (such as horse showing/training, gymkhana, skiing, hiking) that don't have a particular "name of facility or organization", date, or contact person???


3. How should I decide what goes in the 'cultural/community/service' section and what belongs to the 'leadership/ working with others experiences'? For example, member of a committee responsible for starting a Big Brothers/Sisters in a community?


Any advice would be appreciated!

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Guest Ian Wong

1) If you mentioned the highest level of the sport that you reached (eg. National), it's pretty much implied that you participated at the lower levels as well...


2) No idea. This wasn't a requirement when I applied. Use your best judgement.


3) If it fits in both, pick the one for which it is MOST appropriate. At the end, if you discover that one section is front-loaded with activities, while the other is nearly empty, then shift activities over to balance things out.



UBC, Med 3

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Thanks for your response. I do have a few more questions, I know they may seem trivial but I want to ensure that I fill out the application in the best manner possible...


1. For the section that asks me to provide details of what I have done during my absence from university, would it be better to write in point form in order to fit more information or should I use paragraph format? The form asks employment to be listed in the box below, does this mean that I should completely omit details of employment from the 'details of my absence from university' section and just mention volunteering, sports etc?


2. I am still unclear about one of the questions that I asked previously...Do I try to list 'unorganized' hobbies (like hiking or horseback riding) in the extra-curricular activities section? There are some activities that I have spent a considerable amount of time participating in, however, I may not have belonged to a particular organization and do not have an 'official' contact person or set dates. I know that I can just mention some of these things in the essay, but I read a response from an individual who said that anything mentioned in the essay should be listed in the activities section.


Thanks again.

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I am also a little unclear about the activities section. For example


1) I am currently a respiratory technician in the resp clinic at VGH. Does this fit into the service section?


2) I too have spent a great deal of time on some sport activities although not belonging to any particular organization (eg snowboarding, guitar ). I have decided to include these. I also ran the Vancouver international Marathon and Vancouver Half Marathons and I don't know if I should just leave the training as implicit?


3) Does co-op just go in the employment section or can it fit in the Working With Other's section?


4) What about paid research that is not academic? For example I was a research on a survey based study in doctor's offices. I spent most of the time interacting with patients than pushing pen.


I will probably just end up using my best guess but any thoughts would be great.



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Guest not rex morgan

Hmmm. I'm thinking you're reading too much into these things. Yes they are very important, but grey area is grey area. I do think that putting your training is something that can be ommitted if you're out of space. If you have been snowboarding for years, put you've been snowboarding for years. Got anybody you board with? Put them down as a reference. I don't know about the resp tech thing. I would guess you should put it as employment as you got payed. Yes anything in the essay should be on your list of extras. If you are really unsure, why don't you contact the school and get an official opinion? They were pretty useful for me when I called them last year.

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