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when does the ad com meet.

Guest Jimbo

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Guest BrainDrain


If you want to know when the AdCom meets, why don't you just call Admissions and ask instead of posting the question here. Who the hell cares when they meet anyways...worry about things you can actually control!

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Guest Kirsteen

Hi guys,


I just received a response from the Admissions Office about the mailing of the letters: MD/PhD acceptances will be mailed out first. This will consist of two letters mailed roughly simultaneously--one from the MD/PhD office and the other from the MD office. Next, the MD-program acceptances will be mailed. The last batch of letters to go out will be those notifying interviewees that they will not be offered a spot.


Regarding timelines, the Admissions Office are stating that it really depends on the Selection Committee and when they get through all of the files, so it sounds like it's a bit up in the air at this point. The Admissions Office did state however, that as soon as they receive the Selection Committee's decisions, they "work like little beavers" to get the acceptances out.


Overall, hopefully the AdCom moves things through quickly so the wait doesn't have to be any more protracted than necessary. Sure, it's a rite of passage, but man, when you're going through them, rites of passage can really bite!




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