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Another one of those UBC vs. other schools

Guest pinkbonkers

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Guest pinkbonkers

Hi everyone,


I am in a fortunate position in which I am able to choose between two medical schools in Canada. I got accepted to both UBC and Ottawa and I am having a very difficult time in choosing between the two. I know that both schools do have a decent amount of PBL but it appears to me that UBC places a greater focus on this in their curriculum.


I was wondering how those of you who attend UBC feel about PBL. Do you wish there were less PBL? Also, is it hard to meet people/make close friends with the large class size at Vancouver campus? Do you feel that the large class size hinders the experience? (eg. promotes alientation etc.). Also, regarding the exams at the end of term, do you feel that it would be better to have them at the end of each block? It must be very stressful at the end of term trying to retain all the material.


I would greatly appreciate in any feedback...I LOVE being out in BC and the weather, but I am not too sure if the curriculum is best for me.



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Guest ubcredfox



I recently made up my mind to come to UBC - so, UBC Class of 2010 for me :D


I talked with a number of people, and I had a few opinions of PBL. I'll present to you the opinion that I thought was the most balanced.


PBL involves working with 7 other people every morning, MWF. Now, it's not always easy to work with other people, and go figure, it isn't easy in PBL either. Some people you won't get along with, others will be abnoxious, lazy or "too cool for school". While, on the other hand, you may find yourself with a group of people that you totally click with, that you can really converse with, and from whom you can really learn something. You'll find a mixed bag at UBC.


The lectures at UBC vary from very well organized to abysmal. Once again, a mixed bag awaits you.


From what I've heard, UBC is not the place for didactic learning. If you like learning on your own, then that's fine. You will really need to study on your own at UBC in order to get what you want out of the program. In short, you get what you put in here. Maybe that's more true then some other schools.


I think we'll all be interested in seeing what these next four years will be like. I know I am. My advice, if you come to UBC, come with a positive frame of mind, and try to enjoy the experience. Don't let the gunners get to you ;)

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Guest kupo

UBC's an integrated program. You get a taste of a little bit of everything. What's too little or too much is a matter of taste.


For me at first, it seems a little bit overwhelming getting bits and pieces of information here and there, but it all makes sense, especially when you hit the FMED blocks in the second 1/2 of first year and beyond.


As for PBL, with any class of considerable size, you are bound to get a mixed bag of personalities. Not that they're mean or anything, everyone's pretty cool outside of school . It's just in PBL, some people just don't "get it" when it comes to small group learning or their personality isn't compatible with such an environment.


I posted information about this somewhere...but oh well.


I've heard good things about Ottawa U's program. My friend chose Ottawa over U of T and McMaster and she doesn't regret it one bit. But's she's one person.


Really I don't think you can go wrong with either school. At UBC, you get a new building (well it'll be over 2years old once you guys move in) and then your 2nd year home will be the new Ambulatory Care building at Vancouver General (which we will only get to live in 1/2 of our 2nd year).


Frankly, I'd have a tough time choosing between UBC and Ottawa. I've lived in both and love both cities. I do have a slight lean towards UBC because Vancouver is my true home,and UBC was my undergrad.


Guess you'll just have to flip a coin haha



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Guest kupo

i just felt like posting so now it's my 250th posting.


what a milestone




PS. My favourite about UBC; the intramurals. One of the most diverse, extensive recreational programs around I played ultimate, ball hockey, ice hockey, futsal, and volleyball all in leagues that suited our skill (or lack of it). Then you end the year with Storm the Wall. Our top womens and mens team got 2nd place each (i think) just narrow of beating a bunch of crazy varsity people (punks...=)

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Guest tigerlily

LOL! Congrats Kupo :D

And thanks for ALL your help and advice - you're a real asset to this board. Seriously, you've alleviated much anxiety on the part of many of us, both pre- and post- acceptance.

I'm SO stoked about intramurals, and the fact that it's OK to have zero skill. My (ahem) "skill" (or serious lack thereof) has been why I've avoided almost all team sports since elementary school. But hockey, baby, here I come! (Look for the girl crashing into the net... on her own team...) :rollin

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