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A Q for climberchick

Guest nby

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I was wondering what the climbing situation is around St John's? I've heard of some crazy big wall off the south shore but I have yet to hear of anything crazier than bouldering within a short distance from the city.




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Guest climberchick

Hey there nby, nice to hear from a fellow climber.


To be honest I haven't done a lot of climbing in Newfoundland. I didn't start climbing until I started univeristy in Ontario. Most of my climbing has been indoors, with a few week adventures down south to the US, to places like sandrocks and the red river gorge. I've also climbed a bit in Jasper Alberta. As for home on the rock, there are a lot of places were climbing is possible, great rock faces that have never seen a climber. There is a place about 20 mins north of St. Johns called Flat Rock which is probably the most popular newfoundland climbing area. Personally I've never been there so I can't really describe what it's like. I do a bit of sailing too and the clifts look like a climbers haven, a lot of climbers are repelling down them and climbing back up. I hear its amazing, although the rocks are a bit smooth from the water and weather.


Sorry I couldn't be of more help,

maybe I'll see you hanging around wallnuts someday :P



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Yeah, I hear you, I used to climb all the time but since I got to university (ie. lost the car) I haven't been out at all. Don't enjoy the wall stuff, so it's unlikely i'll run into you in the gym, and oh yeah, I'm still in hfx, but if that wait list works out for me at mun, i'll drop you a line on here and see if i can coax you into exploring the outdoors.

thanks for the speedy reply too

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