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is 3.75 gpa competivive?


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Guest koft

Depends on what scale you are using....


From your alias, i believe you probably calculated from the OMSAS scale, so your GPA for UT might be higher than 3.75... 3.75 is competitive for UT dent and will likely get you an interview. However, i believe so far that everyone that got accepted first run this year have their GPA above 3.85 provided you make the cutoff score from the interview.


As for Western as long as you best 2 years grade avg is above 82% you are considered to be competitive....


Hope this helps



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Guest haeu

Hey Koft,


Just out of curiosity, what let you to think that those who got accepted in the first run at UofT had a GPA of 3.75 or higher? Did you find official stats posted somewhere?



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Guest koft



I was checking with some of my friends who apply and some of the stats that were posted on this forum..


Most of the ppl that were waitlisted have 3.8 or lower. And my friends who got accepted had 3.93 - 4.0. and those who got waitlisted were 3.82 and below.


Also, they ranking breakdown is liked (I might be wrong)

60% GPA

15% DAT

25% Interview (provided you score I think 65%+ on the interview)


It is not like meds school interview score can weight 30 - 100% depending on the school!

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