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Accepted/Rejected/Waitlisted??? (for current applicants)

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Result: Waitlist (bad) @7:54AM

Stream: English

wGPA: 3.98

CASPer: Prepped for 1-2 days prior to develop a framework. The actually test felt pretty okay. Received a McMaster interview with a 128 CARs

ECs: Research, campus clubs and community volunteering (diverse and long-term)

Interview: Really surprised with the outcome because this was my best interview and I (thought) I connected well with the panel. I guess you can never know!

Year:  3rd year UG

Will be accepting my Toronto offer, but posting for stats

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Posting cause this forum was really helpful as an applicant

Result: Offer

Applicant Stream: In province, English, UG

wGPA: 3.96

ECs: Well rounded but with focus in research/academia (TA, publications in peer reviewed journals, awards, conference presentations, academia leadership positions)

CASPer: Felt decent finishing. Prepped with close friends from September to mid October for 2-3 hours daily, used online free resources and treated the system check as a mock test (similar to a MCAT practice full length)

Interview: Felt good coming out. Prepped with same group of CASPer friends, research supervisors and PIs, and mentors for 3-5 hours daily. Learning how to answer interview questions is the foundation but being able to show personality and personableness is equally as critical. 

Advice: Ask for help, I know many stellar applicants with really phenomenal experiences that fall short during the interview or pre-interview stages, a huge aspect is learning how to write a med school application while getting peers to review the app (similar advice for interviews). Getting into medical school isn't an individual journey but one thats embarked on with the support of numerous people.

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