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Accepted/Rejected/Waitlisted??? (for current applicants)

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Accepted!! Time-stamp: 7:10 AM GPA: 3.92 Stream: English Geography: IP EC: Diverse. PM for details! Current year: Graduated Interview: Thought it relatively well, or at least decent! I really

Accepted! 7:43 AM GPA: 3.95 Stream: English Geography: ON (I think?) BA complete, BSc complete, MSc almost complete Interview: To be honest, I felt like it went really bad. I beat myself up abou

This is an absolute dream come true.   Result: ACCEPTED!   Time-stamp: 6:58 AM    GPA: 4.00   Stream: English   Geography: IP   ECs: Diverse

Accepted to 'Unspecific' campus, timestamp 8:31.


cGPA: 3.99

wGPA: 4.00

4th Year


MCAT VR 11, PS 12, BS 13, WS R


A lot of research experience, contributing to 3 publications, presenting at a conference and 2 summer NSERC awards. Extensive involvement in Music, performing and teaching guitar. + Mentoring, hospital/retirement home volunteering, tutoring etc...


Had a great feeling coming out of the interview; my panel was extremely warm and friendly! However, I'll probably be accepting U of T. Good luck everyone!


- Andrei -


Applied: U of T, Western, Ottawa, Mac, Queens

Interview: U of T, Western, Ottawa, Mac

Accepted: U of T, Western, Ottawa, Mac

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Education: completed third year biomedical science at York U



1 NSERC, 1 publication, 1 conference presentation, worked/volunteer doctors office and physio clinic, tutored and mentored first years, research since first year uni, some awards...


MCAT: never wrote it


Accepted by Ottawa at 7:56am, only applied to Ottawa (due to lack of MCATs)


Will be going there in September!:)

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Accepted - OOO

GPA: 3.91 (after Ottawa weighting)

ECs: not great


I was extremely lucky to even interview here! I actually got rejected for an interview at first, then was lucky enough to get a call when someone cancelled. Interview felt good, but not great

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Time Stamp: May 15th, 7:56 am


wGPA: 3.92


EC's: volunteering at hospitals, nursing homes, and clinics, TAing, Tutoring, student clubs, student events' organizing, research, presidents research award, one conference, but no publications.


Interview feeling: I felt great coming out of the interview, but started to feel worse and worse as time went on. I had a very friendly panel and felt comfortable talking about myself.


I am very excited to be coming to Ottawa next year! good luck to everyone on the waiting list :)

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IP, OOO 4th year applicant

GPA: 3.94

ECs: varied

2nd time interviewing at Ottawa, bad waitlist last year. Interview this year took a dive towards the end (both of my interviews ended somewhat brashly at Ottawa) so I was not expecting an offer. A bit odd but I suppose this shows its very hard to gauge how it went.


Will be turning down the offer, best of luck to those waiting on some movement

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Delighted to be accepted:


Honours Neuro/Psych major, Theatre Minor


cGPA: 4.0

MCAT: 39Q VR: 12, B: 13, P: 14


Extra-currix: generalist sports activities, NSERC research and other early experiences, a few publications (one first-author), student government/outreach endeavors. Also volunteering in health care both within and outside hospital settings. A few odds and ends.


A word to future applicants: I'm convinced that it's the quirky little things about a person's application that ultimately distinguishes it (beyond the broad-sweeping categories like research and volunteerism which are often important for first-pass looks but may not do much for differentiating between applicants). Find something particular to you, a peculiar interest, cause or pursuit and make it ring! Lead with your strengths. I spent most of this application cycle with blinders on trying not to look at what anyone else was doing because I didn't want to have to manage MORE uncertainty. I think that helped sanity-wise.


Good luck! Be well.

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Accepted on May 15, 2012!!!!!!


MASc student, UofT

Hons BSc. in Biochemistry

MCAT 32R, B13, P11, V8

GPA: 3.91

References: Undergraduate thesis professor, masters supervisor, primary care nurse who I volunteered with

Publications: Undergraduate first author, attended conference during masters, OGS Shcolarship

EC: volunteer at hospital, school, cultural event organizer, choreographer and others

Applied: Ottawa, UT, McGill

Interviews: Ottawa, UT

Accepted: Ottawa, UT


Will be accepting UofT so will be opening up a spot for someone here :D This was my third time interviewing with Ottawa...I got stuck on the Good waitlist the first two times! My two bits... don't ever give up hope...keep trying...one day you'll succeed :)

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Long time lurker...



Got in on the 15th (not off waitlist, just late to the boards).


GPA: 3.92, 35R


Had 6 canadian interviews, this was my best I thought.


Great school and city, but I'm leaning towards Queens!


I'll be freeing up one spot :)


edit: Got into Queens, Ottawa, Toronto

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- Just finished 3rd year biomed at UWO

- 2-year wGPA: 3.98 (2-year unweighted GPA: 3.97, 3-year (current) GPA: 3.98)

- MCAT: PS 13 VR 11 BS 11 WS P

- Might as well throw in my ECs (not because you care to read about them, but because they probably cost me several premature grey hairs, and so I think they deserve some sort of special mention :P): 6 medical missions trips, 7 years of volunteering with individuals with intellectual disabilities (incl. 2 years as chapter president of the program), 3 years as writer/editor/website designer for an online pre-med magazine, 2 summers as an overnight camp counselor, 2 summers of research, many years of competitive swimming

- May 15th, 8:44AM: good waitlisted by Ottawa

- May 29th, 2:26PM: offered admission by Ottawa

- First time applying

- Decided that I'd end up choosing Ottawa even if I did get in to McMaster and firmly accepted Ottawa's offer via SAM on June 3rd.

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Got accepted off the WL on the 29th at around 2:50pm

3rd year Life Sci @ Queen's

wGPA: 3.97

MCAT (not that it matters): 15/10/15

EC's: Average

Good waitlisted at 8:44


Will be accepting Ottawa on Monday. Waiting to see about Mac but will almost certainly choose Ottawa even if I get into Mac.

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accepted May 15th


4th year undergrad

wGPA: ~3.96

ECs: A mix of things I loved, including mental health advocacy, a lot of leadership activities (local and national student boards), political involvement and advocacy, work with individuals with special needs & other vulnerable populations. Some research with conference presentations and posters.


Applied: Ottawa, McMaster, Western, UofT, Queen's

Interviews: Ottawa, McMaster, Western, UofT, Queen's

Accepted (May 15th): Ottawa, McMaster, Western, UofT, Queen's


Accepted UofT's offer.


My advice: Participate in activities that you really love and are passionate about. That passion will shine through in your interviews. Be yourself (seriously).

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Accepted May 30th off of Waitlist

wGPA 3.97


4th Year

English Stream

ECs: Hospital, Orientation, Research, some sports related clubs


Applied: UT, Ottawa, Western, Queen's, MacMaster

Interviewed: UT, Ottawa, Western

Rejected Post Interview: UT

Waitlisted: Ottawa, Western

Accepted (Off waitlist): Ottawa


Will be accepting! Can't wait to meet everyone!

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wGPA: 3.94

BSc + MSc

English stream

ECs: Research, NSERCs, OGS, volunteer, hospital volunteer, sports, travel

First year applying


Applied: NOSM, Ottawa

Interviews: NOSM, Ottawa

Waitlisted: NOSM, Ottawa

Accepted (off waitlist): Ottawa


So excited to move to Ottawa!


Congrats everyone!

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