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MSG To Prospective Med Students (Class of 2008)

Guest BoBBooTTaWa

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Guest BoBBooTTaWa

To The Prospective Students For The Class Of 2008,

I wish you the best of luck throughout the admissions process.


I understand how stressful a time this can be. You may also be graduating - be it undergrad or graduate work. Trust me when I say, though, that change is good.


If you have any questions or hesistations about choosing Ottawa, there are many good people that can help you out, starting right here on the EZ board. Honestly though, few med students ever check this site, so another good way of reaching med students is to contact them directly off of the billeting information sheet given in your interview package.


As you already know, med school will not be a breeze. However, it will also not be one all-nighter after another (unless you're an insomniac... in that case, you might wanna get that checked out ;) .


Herein lies the beauty of Ottawa: there's an incredible balance between academic responsibility and enjoying life. Speaking with friends from the other schools in the province, I can honestly say that the students from Ottawa have more FUN being in medical school than any of the other schools. We aren't tested every week or two like some schools (most blocks here are six weeks long - meaning one test every month and a half - that's a big relief!!!). We also have class parties (first or second year) virtually every week, so we are a social bunch. And, lastly, the faculty is just fabulous here. Trust me, at 8:30 AM on a bleak Wednesday morning, having your Histology professor call you "smartguy" helps you get through the crumby days (We love you, Vijay).


If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at rwolf032@uottawa.ca. I hope I can help.


Good Luck!



Bobby Wolfson

Anglophone Class President

University of Ottawa Medicine, Class of 2007.

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