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Guest satsumargirl

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Guest satsumargirl



Wondering if anyone had any feedback/suggestions about what quality instruments to purchase?


Apparently we are required to have :

1) stethoscope

2) percussion hammer

3) tunning fork

4) opthalmoscope

5) otoscope

6) blood pressure cuffs


I can see the value in investing an a good quality stethoscope. As for the rest of it, do we need it mostly for labs at school? I cannot see carrying this stuff around on placements as they should be available on the units in the hospitals where we are placed. At least all those things are on the units where I work. So if it's just mostly for labs I would probably try not to invest too much into these things. I don't mind getting a good stethoscope though.


If anyone has some feedback that would be appreciated. I may be able to get a deal on some supplies from a friend who works at a med supply company. But I need to know what I want!


Does anyone know if U of O sets up deal for these items for their students once we get there?


Also, does anyone know...for the bp cuff and stethoscope is it worthwhile to have both adult and peds?



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Guest FrenchyMed

Sales reps will come to Ottawa U sometime in September.

You can get great deal then. That's when most of us buy our equipment.


Most of us jumped on the bandwagon and purchased the pen light, the measuring tape, the tuning fork, the reflex hammer and the eye chart in addition to the stethoscope. Honestly I have yet to use anything other than the stethoscope. Maybe I'll get to use those in 2nd year...


The rest is available at school (can be borrowed at the library when needed) so most of us did not bother buying them (they are pretty expensive).

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Guest Gordo58

Yeah i bought the opthamaloscope and wasted $600... dont buy anything until you get here... Frenchymed, any idea when we are getting renal marks back??

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Guest UOMeds06

only by the stethoscope and wait until they come to the school to sell them. Resist buying anything before school actually starts...let the 2nd years pass on some sage advice.



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