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Review Materials for USMLE step 1

Guest Thorin Orcrist

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Guest Thorin Orcrist

Email me at usmledoc_2000@yahoo.com


a) Kaplan 2002 Live lecture notes ( 3 books in JPEG perfectly scanned on 4CD's )

B) Kaplan 2002 Live Lecture course (200 h's recorded ) from Feb.-Mar.2002

c) Kaplan Simulated Exam CD

d) Kaplan Question Bank for Step 1

e) Medrevu.com Question Bank for Step 1

f) Kaplan Webprep 68 hours of audio-streamed lectures.with slides



f) First Aid 2000 (The complete book in PDF)

g) Goljan High Yield Notes

h) Kaplan 2001 Released Answers

i) Medschool Schedule

j) The princeton review offline tester (online subscription US$400)

***Also available for $400, actual Lecture notes in book format straight from Kaplan. Untouched and unmarked.

Basically you have the Kaplan Course that costs $2950 at your fingertips.

The 200 hours lecture were taken 2002 in Texas recorded with a Olympus Digital recorder. The sound quality is good.

The file format for the lectures is DSS, to play this format you have to install the DSS Player, which I will include on the CD's also.

The Live lecture Notes are from 2001 and every JPG file has around 600 KB-1.0 MB, some are bigger, some are smaller. Note that 1 book has around 1000 pages.They are perfectly scanned. I included a nice program to view the pages, so you can easily access everything. Also I included some goodies like Question Bank from Kaplan and Medrevu. The Kaplan Qbank is one time in MS Word format and one time on HTM format (Internet Explorer). The Medrevu Qbank is made as a Powerpoint presentation so you can enjoy it as a slideshow. Check out the sample questions at http://www.medrevu.com <www.medrevu.com/> to see what this question bank looks like.The First Aid book I included also, it is from 2000, but not much has changed anyway to the 2002 edition.Smaller things like the Goljan High Yield notes will be more helpful at the end than you might have thought of. What the Kaplan Simulated CD is you know I bet. (350 questions like the real exam).

DSS Desription :

The high-compression DSS (Digital Speech Standard) file format

is a simple and cost effective way of sending high-quality voice

files attached to emails. DSS is used by almost all Olympus Digital

Voice Recorders. It maintains high quality in a very small file size.

This means you can also save money due to shorter data transfer times

Although DSS files are usually only 1/12th to 1/20th the size of

conventional WAVE files, there is no decrease in playback quality.

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