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GPA Calculation

Guest Monica411

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Guest Monica411

For the GPA values quoted in the MSAR and other US documents, does this refer to:

a) The cumulative GPA of all undergrad courses ever taken (ie as Mac calculates it)

B) The cumulative GPA only of the courses contributing to ones baccalaureate

c) The average of the three individual years of full-time courses

d) other ????


thanks for any input, this topic is sooooo confusing!!!


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Guest BrainDrain



The GPA values that are quoted in most publications like MSAR refers to your AMCAS GPA which is based on all undergrad coursework taken. A friend of mine said that summer courses are also included but I've never taken any summer courses so I can't confirm this. Also, graduate coursework is calculated separately under "Graduate GPA".


Keep in mind that these quoted values are AVERAGES and not cut-offs so if your GPA falls a little bit short, it shouldn't deter you from applying to that school.




U.S. outtahere.gif Canada

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